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How to Find the Best Brain Injury Attorney | CZ Law

Brain injury

How to Find the Best Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injury is not to be messed with. Just one violent hit to the head can be enough to cause bleeding or bruising within the brain tissue. It can also lead to brain tissue getting torn. If this happens, it can negatively impact brain health.

Many things can happen to cause a brain injury. You might be in a car accident. A store display may topple because it wasn’t set up correctly. You could slip and fall on a spill that a restaurant failed to clean up. Someone may shove you and lead to a fall. You might be punched in the head during an argument. A mistake may be made during delivery that causes brain injury in a newborn. There are a multitude of reasons brain injuries occur. None of them are something you should take lightly.

Some people who have suffered concussions have ended up with a form of dementia late in life. Some brain bleeds lead to strokes. In tragic cases of brain injury, death occurs. You may seem fine now, but you don’t know what may happen in the future after a traumatic brain injury. You could suddenly suffer from migraines that make it hard to function some days. You could find it harder to recall the details you need to complete your daily tasks. You might have vision changes that prevent you from being able to drive.

When that brain injury is the result of someone’s negligence, it’s time to talk to a lawyer. You could have medical bills and lost wages for months and years after a traumatic brain injury. You shouldn’t have to go into debt due to another person’s carelessness.

How Do You Find the Best Brain Injury Attorney?

Word of mouth is always a good way to start your search for a brain injury attorney, but it’s not the best way. Your friend or colleague’s recommendation is unlikely to be based on a situation that matches yours. A car accident attorney may be great at handling cases involving drunk driving but have no experience with a slip and fall that lead to a brain injury.

Start your search by looking at recent brain injury trials and settlements. Get names of attorneys named in that case. After several stories, you may start to see names repeat. Research those attorneys and see how they bill clients. Most personal injury law firms work on contingency. If they take your case and don’t win, you don’t pay them. You want lawyers who offer free consultations and work on contingency.

It’s also important to look at the attorney’s statistics. Lawyers who have the most verdicts and who have been named Trial Lawyer of the Year are more likely to deliver the results you’re after. If possible, see if they have a page on their website that lists settlements and verdicts they’ve secured for their clients. If you can’t find anything online, call and ask.

You want a lawyer who is there for you at any time of the day or night. If the lawyer limits your time to certain hours, is it really that helpful? If you do work and aren’t home until 6 p.m., what good is a lawyer who is only available until 3 p.m. Look for lawyers that have staff available 24 hours a day. It’s also helpful to find attorneys who are available via email or chat if that’s important to you.

If the law firm you call won’t take your case, remember that it might not be that the case isn’t worthwhile. Some lawyers simply don’t have the expertise with certain situations. They may feel the case would take more hours than they have available. They may have a conflict of interest as they’ve worked for the company or person that caused your brain injury. If they won’t take your case, ask why and see if they can refer you to someone else.

Check Out Carpenter & Zuckerman’s Track Record With Brain Injury Cases

Look at some of the traumatic brain injury cases Carpenter & Zuckerman have handled. They strive to get you the highest possible settlement. They helped a man who fell from a hotel balcony win $38.6 million. They helped a professional fighter win $13.86 million after a head injury sustained in a car crash. They also secured a $6.9 million award for a college football player who was offered $30,000 by an insurance company.

There’s no risk involved. Legal advice is available through a free consultation. Talk to Carpenter & Zuckerman to discuss your brain injury and see if the legal team can help you. Reach the attorneys 24 hours a day through online chat or by calling 1-888-CZR-FIRST.